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Create higher quality contracts in less time by automating contract proofreading using artificial intelligence

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Create Precise & Acccurate Contracts
Amounts and Numbers
Identify inconsistencies and issues across all amounts and numbers mentioned in the document
Clause References
Identify all incorrect, missing references within seconds along with a list of all references in the document
Ensure all your dates are consistent and fall on working days
Identify definitions and discrepancies involving unnecessary capitalisation, duplicity and non-use of definitions
Never miss out on another placeholder or highlighted text while in your document!
Effect of manual contract proofreading
Enter Number of Lawyers
Average Bill Rate Per Lawyer
INR 4000
Hours spent per year
Loss Due to Manual Contract Proofreading
Impact of Mike Docusieve
Increased Profitability

Increased Efficiency

Increased Time Saved

Our customers using Mike DocuSieve
Yash Singh (Sarvaank Associates)
Mike Docusieve is a boon for law firms as it saves our time and help us proof read the document in a quickest manner.
Shyam Pandya (Stratage Law)
Mike DocuSieve has reduced the time we require to finalise our agreements with all its features.
What they like the most
No need to upload contracts
Mike DocuSieve is a Microsoft Word add-in which allows you to automate proofread while you draft. There is no need to upload documents or setup a new system
All errors and inconsistencies are identified
Within minutes one can identify various errors in the contract across multiple components such as definition, clause reference and amounts which previously would take hours
Extremely fast customer support
MikeLegal team provides quality 24*7 assistance helping firms obtain an extremely high ROI from the tool

Hand Crafted by Professionals at MikeLegal

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MikeLegal helps in increasing efficiency by offering more data and analytics
We Respect Privacy and always will, no exceptions.
Mike DocuSieve values your privacy and confidentiality of the documents. We have taken industry standard measures to ensure your data stays safe and encrypted at every stage.
Plans & Pricing
Try the future of contract proofreading and increase the efficiency of your associates
Upto 10 Users
$ 50 /mo per user
and $500 if paid annually per user
14 day free trial
No limit on number of contracts
Access it from anywhere
Identify and correct various errors
24*7 customer support
More Than 10 Users
Let’s Talk!
14 day free trial
No limit on number of contracts
Access it from anywhere
Identify and correct various errors
24*7 customer support
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MikeLegal is an AI powered legal associate helping legal teams automate various processes such as trademark searching, trademark watching, IP management and contract proofreading. MikeLegal is working with 100+ firms ranging from large corporations such as Pidilite, Airtel, Bajaj Finserv to law firms such as Chadha & Chadha, Anand & Anand and many more.

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