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When legal teams proofread contracts with Mike DocReview's MS Word add-in they reduce time spent on proofreading & formatting each contract from 5-6 hours down to less than one hour.

By using Mike DocReview, lawyers work faster, smarter, become more efficient & gain billable hours.

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This is What Makes Us so Awesome


Identify definitions and discrepancies involving unnecessary capitalization, duplicity and non-use of definitions

  • View defined and undefined terms instantly.

  • Identify duplicate definitions and delete if unnecessary.

  • Instantly view unused definitions.

Clause Reference

Identify all incorrect, missing references within seconds along with a list of all references in the documents

  • View all clause references, referred clause.

  • Identify missing clause references.

  • Fix incorrect clause references instantly.

Amounts and Numbers

Identify inconsistencies and issues across all amounts and numbers mentioned in the document.

  • View all amounts and numbers in one place.

  • Fix amounts in words and numbers with a single click.

  • Instantly fix amounts with incorrect commas.

  • Fix deviation in currencies.

Set Your Own Styles

Take full control of your templates and set your in-house font family, size, text format and style for heading, sub-heading, main agreement and schedule body.

  • Settings allow you to control your formatting and preferences

  • Create strong, consistent drafts which create the right impressions each time

  • Configure Formatting Preferences

  • Multiple Profiles for each type of document

I am ready to take my contract review process to the next level.

How it all Works

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Setup and get your login credentials

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You’re all set up to use! It really is that simple.

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