Lexport gains 1140 billable hours after automation of trademark portfolio management and journal analysis.

About Lexport

Lexport was founded in 2000, by Mr. Srinivas Kotni as a firm dedicated to corporate and trade laws with a focus on corporate law, civil litigation, IP, and indirect taxation. Their goal is to help business corporates, private sector and public sector institutions interpret and navigate through the complex legal and regulatory framework of India to enhance ease of business and reduce liability. Ever since the adoption of MikeTM Watch & MikeIP Manager, they have been able to achieve staggering results. They have seen an improvement in efficiency and gain in billable hours after automation of client trademark portfolio management and journal watch. The LegalTech which has enabled them to do so is powered by artificial intelligence.

New Delhi & Bengaluru




Key Results

1140 Billable Hours
gained per month after automation

Upto 66%
time saved each month

53% Gain
in efficiency in management of client TM portfolio

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