AARC Partners Successfully Reduced Time Spent on Contract Proofreading by 75%

About AARC Partners

AARC Partners was founded in 1984, under the aegis of Mr Rakesh Chhabra. It started as a CA firm, which evolved into integrated compliance, finance, legal and tax practice. With over 35+ years of experience in transaction & legal advisory, the firm boasts of an impressive client roaster including Venture Capital funds, Accelerators, Incubators, Impact funds, Angel networks - syndicate & non-syndicate (both onshore and offshore), Startups, Fortune 500 multinationals doing business in India. Collectively the AARC Partners team has knowledge and experience spanning over 100 years with 1000+ clients.


New Delhi, Bengaluru

Compliance, Finance, Legal & Tax



Key Results

60% improvement
in client mandate turnaround time

Captured 95%
errors and inconsistencies

75% Gain
in overall efficiency

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