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What is MikeTM Suite?

MikeTM Suite is one of the world’s most advanced TM tools that leverages AI to help automate various processes surrounding Trademarks.MikeTM Suite focuses on tools for TM Search, TM Watch and TM Management making it a holistic solution for businesses and law firms.

MikeTM Watch

MikeTM Manager

What is MikeTM Search?

MikeTM Search is one of the world’s most advanced TM search tools built using AI and advanced technology to help lawyers and counsels identify similar marks and build an analysis within minutes. Mike TM Search empowers the lawyer to go beyond current methods of identifying similar marks allowing them to service clients better. As opposed to making a human spend hours and still covering a limited scope of marks that may be relevant, MikeTM Search gives you a holistic and detail view so you can always be 100% sure.

Real Time Integration

MikeTM Search updates information in sync with the Trademark Registry.With MikeTM Search you never need to worry about seeing incorrect information.MikeTM Search is the only tool in the market to provide in sync data.

Advanced Search Tools

Search across multiple classes In one go. Have the ability to do different searches such as Boolean Search, Initial Search, contextual search etc.Analyze the level of oppositions to marks similar to you and which proprietor is highly aggressive in your class.Analyze similar marks and level of oppositions faster and more accurately

In Depth Analysis

MikeTM Search gives you a highly detailed analysis of marks similar to yours and the proprietors.Analyze the level of aggressiveness in your class and take measured decisions. Analyze the danger meter of marks similar to yours to understand the likelihood of opposition within seconds.Get easy access to a holistic view of all the information required to make an informed decision .

Share your analysis easily

MikeTM Search allows you to create a detailed report to send to your clients.Customize the report with details you would want to include within seconds.Download in PDF and Word format or directly send your clients a mail .

What is Mike Litigator?

MikeLitigator is one of the most advanced legal research tool that leverages NLP and deep learning to help lawyers drastically reduce the time they spend on legal research. MikeLitigator helps lawyers spend time on strategizing for cases rather than spending hours conducting inefficient legal research. With MikeLitigator law firms and corporations can get a better ROI from their associates.


MikeLitigator uses Artificial Intelligence to go through the humongous legal database and get you on-point answers in seconds. No more stressing over boolean queries and going through thousands of keyword based results.


MikeLitigator understands simple English, you can ask queries to Mike like you discuss with your colleague. This means no more hassle of thinking suitable keywords for research.


Within seconds, MikeLitigator understands your query and gives you relevant answers and insights, which will help you in formulating your opinion.


MikeLitigator allows you to save your research in an organised manner to ensure that you do not waste time in looking for previously done research.

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